Sunday, December 12, 2010


During the jury, panel members pointed out some serious semiotic problems with the visualization of the concepts. I now brought my focus onto developing the content, and simultaneously began working on refinement of the illustration concepts. At this juncture, I had the good fortune of meeting a bold young activist Miss Ketki Doshi of FACSE (Forum Against Child Sexual Exploitation), who has been not only actively dealing with cases of CSA, but also dedicating herself to building knowledge and spreading awareness on the subject. Interaction with her not only validated my selected approach(communicating to parents), but also did away with some of my presumptions. In conversation with Ketki, some of the salient points that emerged were:
1. Communication must be clear and unpretentious. No beating around the bush
2. The core issue is lack of awareness in society.
3. Only targeting mothers (or even keeping it limited to parents), may not work in all cases. The communication must be flexible for the understanding of any caregiver.
4. The illustrations are grossly unclear.
5. In the model of the campaign, Medical Practitioners and Hospitals was an important link that was overlooked. She emphasized the importance of their role in this issue.
are the key points to be addressed while dealing with this subject.

With these insights, I also looked at the system within which my communication aims to work