Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Look at the Final Set of Publications

Final Product

Production and Costing

For Z-bind booklets: Set of 4 variations (one side is common and other side differs) in the Quantity: 3000 of each type,
Hence for total copies 3000 X 4 = 12000,

Choice & Size of Paper:
Cover Page: SS Super Cartridge GSM: 170 Size: 23 X 18
Inside pages: SS Super Printing HB [SGU] GSM: 90 Size: 23 X 18 

The total cost was calculated to be (approximately):
= Rs. 99341.50

And hence Cost per copy
= 99342/12000
= Rs. 8.50 per copy 

Including the Logistics, Design, and Miscellaneous expenses, the total cost may be rounded off to not more than Rs.10 per copy.